Sell your books with us


How to advertise your book with us?

  • Advertising is pretty easy. Simply send us some photos of your books and below mentioned details through e-mail, Viber or WhatsApp
    Viber / WhatsApp :0716857762


  • Mandatory details

    • Your Name
    • Your Contact number
    • Your Email

    • Book Name
    • Book Author
    • Book Price
    • Book Location
    • Two clear photos of front & back covers of the actual book


  • Optional details
    • Book Edition
    • Book Description (If you send a small description of the book then we will post it directly. Otherwise we will add a description for you)
  • Advertisement with us is free for a limited time, we hope you will make the best use of this period :)
  • After the promotional period, we will charge you an incredibly small fee to place new advertisements


How to modify your advertisement

  • If you need to do any modification regarding your posted books, feel  free to contact us via e-mail, Viber / WhatsApp with your reference number and required change


How will your book get sell?

  • If a buyer is interested in your book, he or she can contact you via the phone number you provided in the advertisement.
  • And you and the buyer can do the transaction as required.


What type of books can you advertise?

  • Books of any category (Fiction, Non-Fiction, Academics etc.) can be advertised.
  • However, we will not advertise any adult material or inappropriate content


Conditions of Advertising

  • Selling a book for a higher price than advertised is strictly prohibited
  • Your book will be visible to customers for a maximum of two months period from the date of advertising. After two months book will be removed and you will be notified one week before the removal. If you want to relist, you can simply reply back to us.
  • If your book is sold before two months, please let us know and we will remove the book from the market. this will help you by avoiding reception of unnecessary calls and help us by keeping the market clean.
  • We will not advertise any adult or inappropriate books
  • We reserve the right to reject your advertisement and/or remove the advertisement from the bookmarket if it did not meet our standards or conditions.


Tips to increase the chance of selling your book

  • A reasonable price will always help you to increase the selling power.
  • Accurate details will always help to increase customer satisfaction and credibility.
  • Send us a description of the book. Though this is not mandatory, a good description will always catch the customer’s eye.
  • Send photos of the actual book, preferably with a white background and clear lighting.